Using the eleven-pin applicator pen, we create don’t buy from its scam my money  hundreds of microchannels to inject ninety% of the implemented AcneZon serum.

Serum composition:Water, witch hazel extract (Hamamelis), Azeloglicine®, sodium hyaluronate, propolis, salicylic acid, zinc, magnesium, copper, manganese, lysine, arginine, leucine, valine, glutamic

Indications: Treats oily pores and skin by lowering and regulating the formation of sebum. Removes dead pores and skin cells and micro organism. Activates the formation of new collagen and elastin fibers, thereby lowering the appearance of atrophic scars or dimples. Restores the advent of wholesome pores and skin tone.

Atrophic scars:

The scar is an indentation created via a wund that heals under the regular layer of pores and skin tissue.

Atrophic scars are indented with clean delineations. It is due to the destruction of collagen during an inflammatory circumstance together with cystic zits or chickenpox.

Scarring is a technique important to heal pores and skin tissue after injury. However, abnormalor disturbed collagen production can reason terrible pores and skin surface recuperation and irregularities in pores and skin texture.. The appearance or severity of the scar is determined by means of different factors, which include the depth and length of injuries, heredity, ethnicity, and age.

While these scars are harmless, they’re more prone to environmental factors including sun harm.

Atrophic scars are easy to diagnose, typically characterized by way of the indentation in contrast to the surrounding pores and skin. Sometimes, scar tissue turns into greater sensitive, so right care which include a slight cleaner, ideally in liquid or gel shape (Vermione Gel).Vermione Gel relieves the pores and skin of impurities, excessive sebum, bacteria withoutt anxious the pores and skin. It is beneficial to keep away from traditional solid soap, as it can dry out the pores and skin, excessively.

The micro-needle technique has blessings past rejuvenation and skin hydration, as the energetic elements in serum assure incredible outcomes in:

Reducing sebum production
Balancing coloration imperfections
Rejeuventing and tightening pores and skin through stimulating collagen and elastin
Improving elasticity – skin elasticity
Correction of zits scars, smallpox, and stretch marks
Pore ​​contraction
Micro-needle is an innovative remedy approach that activates the production of long-acting collagen and triggers a cascade of rejuvenating procedures inside the pores and skin.

The approach is suitable for all skin sorts, reverses skin getting older, improves skin elasticity, smoothes first-class wrinkles, removes scars and irregularities, brightens the skin and drastically improves the overall condition. Regenerative results are the end result whilst an appropriate serum is used. The treatment is suitable for every age and consequences are seen after the primary treatment. Treatment regions consist of the face, the backs of the fingers, neck, décolletage, stretch marks, softening of scars, scalp treatment for hair loss, etc.

The approach is safe with out hazard of pigmentation or scarring after the method. The needles are very skinny and the application pen makes the remedy short and accurate. To boom comfort, anesthetizing cream can be used before the procedure, and then the remedy is absolutely painless.

Treatment: Number of recommended remedies: Healing time after one remedy: Repeat remedy:
Acne four-6 five-7 dní Once a month
You will acquire targeted statistics about the manner at your private consulation.
The final selection is constantly yours.

The consultation may be ordered by telephone: 607 630 910

What to put together for?

The pores and skin can be barely swollen and reddish for the rest of the day
Make-up may be implemented after 48 hours.
Complete restoration will take region inside 5-7 days.
The treatment is carried out as soon as a month, we endorse to copy the collection of remedies as endorsed.
After the treatment, the pores and skin regenerates spontaneously for 4-6 months.

Reservations by way of cellphone: 607 630 910
Above preferred person approach:
in step with the age of the consumer
according to the purchaser’s needs
-in line with the customer’s fitness
Exclusively certified preparations
Designed for each men and women
1x voucher = treatment of one element – face, lower back shoulders or décolleté
The treatment is not time consuming and best takes 1 hour.
We provide complete care for our clients, that’s always furnished with the aid of a pinnacle team of specialists. World-class technical device and scientific methods in line with the today’s medical information in a luxurious surroundings within the middle of Prague. Parking available.




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