Benefits of Using Custom Ink Stamps for Your Business

Below, we will explain the differences between    rubber stamps timber and self-inking rubber stamps, which include professionals & cons for every, as well as for which varieties of uses and sports each stamp is a higher fit.
To jump down immediately to the video, click on right here: The Difference Between Wooden and Self-inking Rubber Stamps

The principal distinction among wooden and self-inking rubber stamps is that wooden stamps would require an ink pad to ink the stamp earlier than each use, while self-inking rubber stamps have a built-in ink pad, which may be re-inked when you have an ink vial. Re-inking a self-inking stamp is pretty easy, here are instructions on how to do it: How to re-ink a self-inking rubber stamp

Example of timber rubber stamps & required ink pad:

A wood rubber stamp with a walnut manage. A timber rubber stamp with not handle, wooden block most effective. A black ink pad for timber rubber stamps

Example of a self-inking rubber stamp with a integrated ink pad and ink vial for refills:

A self-inking rubber stamp with an arrow pointing to the built-in ink pad An ink pad for self-inking rubber stamps and ink vial

Let’s go over pros & cons for every stamp kind.

Wooden Rubber Stamps – Pros Wooden Rubber Stamps – Cons
More control over influence as strain can be carried out in exceptional guidelines/actions More time-consuming due to re-inking for each use
Color flexibility with exclusive ink pad colours Potentially inconsistent impressions depending on carried out strain
Easy to apply on one of a kind surface shapes More tedious with each use
Ability to apply as imprint, with out ink, on tender clay, dough, and many others.
More affordable
Esthetically greater pleasing
Larger style of sizes

Self-inking Rubber Stamps – Pros Self-inking Rubber Stamps – Cons
Great for high extent use together with signatures, addresses, hand stamps at activities, and so forth. More costly
Color flexibility with differently colored ink pad replacements Less manage over impression
Ability to re-ink with ink vials Not a terrific healthy for in another way fashioned surfaces (sphere, etc.)
Less messy as separate ink pad is not wanted
Huge time savings as re-inking for each use i needless

One last item to don’t forget whilst shopping for a timber rubber stamp is the dimensions of the stamp as compared to the size of the ink pad. Some ink pads come inner a casing which can make it more difficult to ink your wooden stamp if the stamp is larger than the ink pad casing itself.

At Stampmore, we either ensure the pad is huge sufficient for the stamp or honestly provide ink pads which might be raised and not using a casing, thereby fixing this capacity hassle via allowing larger stamps to be used with a smaller ink pad.


Watch the video beneath explaining the variations among wood and self-inking rubber stamps

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