Pesticide Drift Resources

Strategies to Reduce Spray Drift. Kansas  drift watch  State University fact sheet.
Equipment to Reduce Spray Drift. Kansas State University reality sheet.
Best Management Practices for Boom Spraying. Ohio State University truth sheet.
Planning Tree Windbreaks in Missouri. University of Missouri reality sheet.
Online Educational Programs
Herbicide Tolerant Crops Stewardship. University of Illinois self-paced route that explains particle and vapor float, auxin damage, and how to keep away from and deal with off-goal consequences.
Reducing Pesticide Drift U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
National Agricultural Aviation Association
The net-based application, Driftwatch, encourages growers of pesticide-averse plants,
or organic crops, to check in the locations in their fields in a database maintained via a
relevant business enterprise. Applicators are also urged to sign up, and to then test the website’s
database for listed areas before beginning spraying. Registered applicators also acquire
email messages alerting them to new glide-sensitive fields that may be recently delivered
to the database.


Initial compilation courtesy of Jim Wilson, PhD.

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National Pesticide Safety Education Month
How to Read the Label
Types of Drift
Evaluate the Site
Evaluate the Weather
Understanding Droplet Size
Managing Drift with Nozzles and Boom Height
Using Buffers to Reduce Pesticide Drift and Wind Erosion
More Drift Reduction Methods
Air Blast Sprayers
Aerial Application
Pesticide Drift Resources
Drift Management Slide Presentation
Pesticide Drift Quizzes
Handling Pesticide Containers
Integrated Pest Management
Pesticides in Organic Production
Personal Protective Equipment
Pollinator Protection
Soil Fumigation
Surface and Groundwater
Transportation of Pesticides
Wildlife Damage Management
Wildlife Protection
Worker Protection Standard
Supported by way of CIPM
Center for Integrated Pest Management

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